2017 In Review

One of the most important things I feel we need to do is constantly self-auditing. Asking yourself if you're doing the right things at the right times, where you're at emotionally, professionally, creatively, and where you stand with friends and family. 2017 was an interesting year for me and it all started in March. My … Continue reading 2017 In Review


The Push

I don't usually do this, but TRIGGER WARNING: depression, suicidal thoughts, that sort of shit. I've been pretty quiet on most public fronts lately about some stuff I'm going through at the moment. Don't panic, I'm ok, I'm working on it and I'm getting there one foot at a time, but I'm going through a … Continue reading The Push


Something that has taken me a long time to really get my head around is self-awareness. Most successful people will point to being self-aware as the true ammunition needed to make the most of that one shot in life you had. So when I got home from my trip I decided it was well overdue … Continue reading Need


Before I delve into the second part of my travel journal I just wanted to talk candidly with the audience for a minute. There’s literally millions of people who’ve seen the same things, eaten the same foods and experienced the same wondrous moments that I have. While I’d love to talk about standing at the … Continue reading Preconceptions

An Audience

Something that's been frustrating the hell out of me lately is why I'm not writing as much. There's always an initial fear when you throw yourself 100% into something and I'm no stranger to putting myself out or to pivot in life. Hell, I left my job, sold all of my stuff and moved to … Continue reading An Audience


I've read books about world-building, I've done a heap of work trying to flesh out my worlds as early on as possible but I've always had trouble finding a place to start. Mostly the advice I've been given is simply "draw a dot on a piece of paper, then draw another one. Now connect the … Continue reading Blank

Why Not?

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to write. I love it more than any other hobby and it's the most raw, direct connection to my soul and mind. There's nothing I hate about it, there's no downside and there's definitely no side-effects. With video games, I don't like that it can be … Continue reading Why Not?


Key snapped awake to the sound of someone pounding on his door. He could only guess that it was just after dawn due to the muted light leaking through the tiny crack in the wall, he had blocked the windows up a lifetime ago. The drone of wind hit him next, a sandstorm must have made … Continue reading Key