Obligatory Health Post

Those that know me on social networks may have noticed that I’ve been undergoing a huge change in my lifestyle. After three solid weeks of training daily at the gym I feel strong, healthier and generally better. For the me the hardest part was telling myself I could but I’d like to pass on some things I’ve learned so far:

It’s expensive to eat healthy

False. So very false. I live with two people, so each meal is three servings (including me). Last night, I did the shopping for the week, four nights as well as a weekly bulk buy of the ingredients for my lunches. That cost me roughly $75.

$65 is in the scheme of it, pretty cheap considering all I really bought was meat and vegetables. If I were to shop at KFC each night getting an equivalent meal for 3 people over 4 days it would cost roughly $30 per day or $120! And that’s just for dinner, not including breakfast and lunch.

So the excuse that eating clean is expensive is utter bullshit!

Learn to cook

I did years back. Learn not just how to cook but try different things as often as possible. Cooking your own food means you can actively control portion sizes as well as giving you a better understanding of what goes into it. If you’re happy to try, avoid preservative-laden pre-packaged sauces, try to build things from scratch and use plenty of herbs and spices. That way you’re not adding “flavour” to your steak with a litre of fatty, awful gravy.

Substitute foods

Need cream in a recipe? Use Greek yoghurt instead. Need rice? Use quinoa instead. It’s pretty simple once you start finding much healthier alternatives to bad foods. If you’re like me and you love pasta, try substituting carb-heavy pasta with the gulten free alternative. It’s usually more expensive but it’s better for you. Use mince? Try kangaroo mince. It’s cheaper, lean but with an incredible flavour that changed the way I appreciate spaghetti.

Make time to exercise

This was probably the hardest part for me. I joined a gym and started going after work. Then I started making excuses when it cut into my social life and other every-day things. So my solution was to get up an hour earlier each day and go to the gym. It’s one of those awesome 24hr setups so it’s all there ready for me at 6am. Since changing to the early start, I’m more motivated and awake during the day. I created time to make it work, I saw that I was too busy making excuses. Now I’m addicted. I can’t skimp on my session now because I’m “too tired” from a busy day at work or skip completely because I had something for dinner that wasn’t sitting right.


Mine is pretty simple: get below 100kg before my wedding in October 2014. I’m well on the way already. I’ve also found smaller goals in between that are driving me harder at the moment, the first being to fit into “normal” clothes (anything from XXL down). I’m half way there, with my ass now fitting in a XXL. I’m not setting weight goals in short term simply because I know lose weight weirdly. I’ve lost so much from my waist down but the scales don’t seem to reflect it as much as I would have thought.

In then end, if you eat well, train hard and call yourself on the bullshit excuses you can get there too! It’s not hard to change.