Real Talk

Righto, real talk for a moment to those that think it’s “hard” or “expensive” or “too time consuming” to eat proper.

I just made a meal for 5 people in 10:33 seconds (we timed it).

This is what I used:
– 1/4 BBQ chicken from supermarket: $2.50 (avg large chicken $10 divided by 4)
– 1 tin of tomato paste: 79c
– 1 tin of diced tomato: $1
– 1 small bag of spinach: $2
– 1 pack of fresh pasta: $2
Total Price: $8.29

This took 10 minutes to cook, prepare and serve. If you can drive to McDonalds, wait in line, get your food and drive home and feed 5 people with $8.29 you deserve a gold medal. Our dinner had no preservatives, no processed meat, no saturated fats or trans-fats in there. The best part is that in an hour we’re not going to be hungry again or feel all greasy and shit for eating bad crap.

These three excuses are the most common ones parents and adults alike use when they say they can’t eat right. “It’s too expensive” or “I don’t have time” or “it’s too hard” are all bullshit. Seriously, you don’t need to eat a quinoa tabbouleh with dukka and chicken breast every night for dinner. Get on it, if people need cooking lessons or anything, get in touch. I’ll get you on your way to eating better and feeling much better about your life.