Can’t, don’t, won’t

The first thing you’re taught in sales is to turn a negative. Turning a negative is where you turn a “I don’t” or a “I can’t” into something they can do or do want. The same thing applies to all things where people are trying to avoid things with excuses. As I’m for some reason becoming a spiritual leader to a few people I thought I’d share below what I’m doing to convert people. If you have a gym buddy who can’t be bothered going today or a friend who is having trouble getting the motivation, work on these words and turn them around.

Can’t (Cannot):

“I want to do this but I can’t”

Let’s fix that, “I want to do this but I really don’t want to try”. There’s are only a handful of things that we can’t do in life. You can’t accurately count sand, you can’t swallow a rockmelon whole and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. One of the three biggest excuses people give me about why they aren’t living healthy is “I wish I could cook but I can’t” or “I wish I could afford to eat well, but I can’t” or even “I want to lose weight but since I have bad genetics, I can’t”. You can’t cook? Learn, the internet taught me how to crack an egg properly. You can’t afford it? Look at less-healthy parts of your lifestyle that could afford to be dialled back.

Don’t (Do Not):

“I want to do it, but I don’t know how”

The word “don’t” is counterproductive.  You don’t know how to exercise? You don’t know how to eat well? You don’t have time? These all sound like excuses again, stop that. Scrap don’t, get rid of it from your vocabulary. You don’t have time? Make time. You don’t know how to eat well? Talk to someone. You don’t know how to exercise? Go outside and try going for a walk. There is no “do not”, there is only try.

Saying you can’t or don’t means you aren’t placing value in whatever you’re trying to do. We should value every endeavour, see the benefits in improvement. Once you begin valuing what your goals will entail, only then will you value the work involved in reaching them. I’m only just over half way to my goal but I’m already seeing the benefits. I can run now, I am just generally in a really healthy mindset. Life is pretty freaking sweet right now.

I used to say CAN’T and DON’T. Now I say CAN and DO!