Setting Goals

I’m sure if you follow me on the social networks I’m on, like Facebook, Twitter and Fitocracy you’ll no doubt be aware that I’m in the biggest battle of my life against being a chubby bastard. No doubt some of you are fed up with my occasional tweets and statuses about weight-loss/exercise but unfortunately, I don’t care about your feelings. If you’re one of those people, you probably don’t understand that this sort of a shift in lifestyle change requires focus, and focus means talking about it, thinking about it, doing it regularly and TALKING ABOUT IT.

I didn’t come here to complain about people complaining (some to my face, some behind my back, I hear everything), what I’m here to do today is fuel the fires even more with yet another post about my current situation.

Last year I set out early February to start making some changes. I knew where I needed to start and that was diet, at this point I’m roughly 119kg down from 142kg so I’ve done well so far. Late in the year I began slipping again and not taking nutrition serious enough, thinking the exercise would outweigh the bad food. I ended up losing weight regardless when I compare my Dec 31st, 2012 total weight.

I started off by focusing on a “goal weight” but realised recently that it’s the wrong way to look at things. You’re about to change your lifestyle, maybe very dramatically much like I did. Instead of focusing on the end result, set your goals on things that will result in weight loss. Sure, it’s good to say “I want to be in a bikini body by summer” but the second summer is over, you’re back to how things were before then. If you set goals based on lifestyle changes like food and exercise, you end up gaining the tools needed to lose weight. At the same time you’re working towards those goals, losing weight along the way but not focusing on it. You’re not obsessed by that golden line on the scale and it’s not dictating your tempo. If you’re eating well and exercising, you’re going to lose the weight but you’re not going to beat yourself up about it when you only lose half a kilo because that’s not what you’re looking at. You’re focusing on things you can improve and strive towards, you’re GAINING things, not LOSING things. Yeah, I want to be thin by my wedding, but if I’m in awesome shape and still slightly overweight, I’m not going to be upset with my progress.

What I did was focused on two goals, split in half for the year, one goal was set in January for the first half, the second was set on June 30.

Jan-Jun 2013: Food. Learn to cook better, eat better, eat less, drink less Coke, etc. I did that. In the grand scheme of it, between June and December in 2013, when I started keeping track, I went to junk food places a total of 7 times. That’s compared to at least that number in a fortnight.

Jul-Dec 2013: Fitness. Join a gym, learn to exercise, later was expanding on that by starting the C25K program by adding “Run 5k by December 31st” to the list. I started going to the gym regularly, averaging about 3-4 times a week. I’m now in a lot better shape than I was in June, not just on the weight side, but I can run 2km as a warm up now.

So my 2014 goals, targets, whatever are:

Jan-Jun 2014: Run 10k and expand on fitness. I want to be able to run 10km by July. There are 10k training apps that are a graduate program for the C25K program. These take roughly 13 weeks so I think I’ll be right to do it within 6 months. I want to get more into the weights side as well as I really enjoy the very basic weights I’m doing right now. This requires getting a PT to work with, luckily I go to a gym, hey?

Jul-Dec 2014: Improve nutrition. I can already cook good food, but I can also cook very bad food as well. I want to focus on heaps of vegetables, less processed food and much better results. I also want to focus on teaching others as well, whether this involves filming videos or going to people’s houses/hosting them and teaching them how to cook good, cheap and healthy. Since it’s so important to begin with food, empowering people with that sort of basic knowledge is paramount.

My current year-long goal is no junk food in 2014. I’m a week in and haven’t had any so far. I also want to limit alcohol/soft drinks as well, this shouldn’t be too hard with the already solid foundation I have.

This is going to be a huge year, I’m getting married to someone pretty awesome in November. She’s been there from the start of this and was there to hug me at the end of my first ever race a few days ago even though I was so gross and sweaty. Her family have been really amazing and I can’t go without mentioning my own family as well who all cheered when I came around for dinner.

My friends have been awesome as well, in fact one of them said the other night something that was just outstanding:
“Good luck tomorrow man, like wow, fucking congratulations, you’re going to do a 6km run, that’s not easy”. You’re all rad!

Just a reminder. If you need some help learning how to cook good, healthy and cheap food, hit me up. I’ll show you the ropes and the tools you need to do it yourself!

Set 2 goals for 2014 for Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec, make one a fitness goal and the other a health goal. Don’t set resolutions. A resolution means that it’s something that needs to be resolved. You don’t resolve weight-loss, you lose it. You don’t resolve lifestyle changes because it doesn’t stop. To resolve something means once you’ve done it, you’re done, once something is resolved, it’s finished. That’s not how this works, you need to keep working on it forever.