A Year in the Life…

On this day, the 21st of February, 2013 I began. I was 142kg.

It started with small changes, some clean eating, more walking, the first (of 3) attempts to finish C25K and trying to round out my lifestyle.

It was slow going to begin with, diet was probably the biggest thing to get right in the beginning, cutting back unhealthy foods and focussing on eating as much hand-made things as I could. I was doing well, starting to lose a few kilos early on and feeling positive.

In June, I joined a gym and started going hard with the cardio, learning to run, I’d never really ran much more than about 30 seconds in my life ever!

I started seeing a shift on the scales again and I kept my head down and kept running. I started getting confident, often a little TOO confident.

Around November I had hit the weight-loss wall I’d gotten down to 122kg, a total of 20kg lost. I thought maybe it was just a short plateau and kept going, reaching my 5km target, running my first 6km event. In that time I beat C25K and joined Fitocracy, pretty much Facebook for people who are all about fitness.

I still didn’t see a shift in weight and started reading about things that would help push me harder and further. I started cutting grains and dairy, focused on strength training and suddenly the weight started falling off again.

In the last 12 months I have learned a lot about my body and my mind. I’ve learned what I need to eat to improve my health and what I need to do to improve my core strength. I’ve learned that with clean eating and exercise I’ve blown away my mental health issues I’ve had in the past. I have no body image issues now, I’m comfortable, even with my “transitional shape”, I see where I’m going and am now finding less excuses to stop me.

One of the biggest indicators for me so far has been that even last week, when I had my worst day (mentally) in a very long time I still got home, put on my gym clothes and went. It didn’t fix the problem but it gave me a lot of time to look inward and I could later deal with it.

So today, as it currently stands (was weighed last night) I’m down to 114kg, which if you do your maths, means I’m down 28kg. It’s been a long year, full of learning, excitement, accomplishments, saying no to cake, turning down chips, pigging out on parmas and staying away from the takeaway places. I dropped the videogame consumption by about 15 hours a week and now use that time to read and research better ways to live my life.

I’m far from done, now that I’m getting closer to 110 I can easily see past my initial goal of 100kg. I feel like I’m quite capable of being around 95kg, depending on how much muscle I put on. Once I’m at that point I want to start cutting to lose body fat and try to get down to 10%. I’ve never had muscle at any point so it already blows my mind that I have biceps, leg muscle and under all the fat guts there’s rock hard abs already (90kg weights with ab crunches, smashing it).

I wouldn’t have gotten here without the help, support and love from so many people. I’ll thank you all personally at some point soon. Yes, it’s been me dragging my ass to the gym, me doing the research and me cooking the right foods. But when it comes down to it, there’s been plenty out there who have complimented me, given me high-fives, propped, liked and fav’d my posts on social networks.

You don’t motivate me to get out there, I really should take the full credit for that. But what you’re doing is reminding me that there are people out there who are supporting me, cheering me on and I know you’ll all be at the finish line with me.

Cheers all, I hope by this time next year I’ll be down to my goal, I’ll keep you posted as I go.

EDIT. I’ve included a WIP picture as well, to give you an idea on how freaking hot I am.