Not a Little

So as mentioned on Facebook and Twitter today, I've had a problem. I haven't written a word in a month. On the first of February I laboured to end the day on a high, inching my way through my third novel. I was in the final few scenes, a pivotal scene. But like a lot … Continue reading Not a Little


Setting Goals

I'm sure if you follow me on the social networks I'm on, like Facebook, Twitter and Fitocracy you'll no doubt be aware that I'm in the biggest battle of my life against being a chubby bastard. No doubt some of you are fed up with my occasional tweets and statuses about weight-loss/exercise but unfortunately, I … Continue reading Setting Goals

Real Talk

Righto, real talk for a moment to those that think it's "hard" or "expensive" or "too time consuming" to eat proper. I just made a meal for 5 people in 10:33 seconds (we timed it). This is what I used: - 1/4 BBQ chicken from supermarket: $2.50 (avg large chicken $10 divided by 4) - … Continue reading Real Talk