Setting Goals

I’m sure if you follow me on the social networks I’m on, like Facebook, Twitter and Fitocracy you’ll no doubt be aware that I’m in the biggest battle of my life against being a chubby bastard. No doubt some of you are fed up with my occasional tweets and statuses about weight-loss/exercise but unfortunately, I […]

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Can’t, don’t, won’t

The first thing you’re taught in sales is to turn a negative. Turning a negative is where you turn a “I don’t” or a “I can’t” into something they can do or do want. The same thing applies to all things where people are trying to avoid things with excuses. As I’m for some reason […]

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I was the first person to be called when his parents split up. I still remember it clearly, like it was yesterday, “shit has hit the fan, mum’s leaving dad”. You could easily tell from his voice that he was crying, shaking uncontrollably and just trying to wrap his head around what is happening now […]

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Real Talk

Righto, real talk for a moment to those that think it’s “hard” or “expensive” or “too time consuming” to eat proper. I just made a meal for 5 people in 10:33 seconds (we timed it). This is what I used: – 1/4 BBQ chicken from supermarket: $2.50 (avg large chicken $10 divided by 4) – […]

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Where New Beginnings Began

I’ve been obese for my entire adult life. I started gaining weight at the age of 18 once I moved out of home and started “cooking” for myself. Usually my meals consisted of going to the nearest shop and picking up a pie. I shudder looking back now, walking to work to get my two […]

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Obligatory Health Post

Those that know me on social networks may have noticed that I’ve been undergoing a huge change in my lifestyle. After three solid weeks of training daily at the gym I feel strong, healthier and generally better. For the me the hardest part was telling myself I could but I’d like to pass on some […]

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Out of Character

I’ve always focused on my weaknesses as a writer, I’m sure it’s terrible to concentrate on what makes you awful, but it’s something that pushes me. It allows me to build on things that I’m not good at, challenging myself to try different things to help grow that weakness into something I can play with. […]

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How to Defeat a Minotaur

When writing an outline, I think in scenes. I’ll start with a very basic outline of where we are, who’s there and what the objective is for that scene. In this example: Our hero and his wizard sidekick arrive at an inn and asks for the thief he’s hunting. The innkeeper points at the thief […]

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An Idea.

I’ve been looking at what I enjoy the most about reading a book. The thing I’ve noticed is that the stories that really hit home are the ones that come into my life at the perfect moment. When I’m lacking inspiration, when I’m needing a pick-up from a harder part of my own life or […]

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An Introduction, of sorts.

Seems like a long time since I’ve really had my inspiration sparked. I’ve been writing on and off for most of my life, from probably about the age of eight, somewhere around twenty years. I’ve written plenty of fiction, a little non-fiction but I always seem to go back to epic adventures with dragons, goblins, […]

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